• Place the inserts in your shoes directly on top of the existing insoles.
  • Begin exercising your feet gradually by wearing them in casual situations where you can take them out of your shoes during necessary intervals.
  • Do NOT just put them in and begin running or exercising in your new inserts.
  • Wear them for one hour and remove them from your feet for one hour.
  • Repeat this process for the first three days and then begin increasing the time intervals you wear them while decreasing the time out of them.

        WEEK 02-08

        • Begin making a log of your foot and exercise progress with your inserts in your shoes.
        • After one week of exercising your feet to get them ready for heavier activities, you may begin to work out with the inserts.
        • It is recommended that the first couple of runs/workouts be on your lighter days. This is to ensure that your foot muscles are in shape for heavier exercises.
        • If there is soreness in your feet the next day, revert back to step 2 and extend the process in steps 2 and 3.

          WEEK 09-12

          • At this point, the more you wear them throughout the day, the faster you will see results in living the healthier feet lifestyle. So, we suggest that you wear your inserts in all your footwear. The reason for this is, although your muscles have become stronger at this point, tendons that have been stretched out over the years take longer to strengthen.
          • Also, it will take the muscles and tendons time to retrain themselves to hold the bones of your foot in proper alignment and your inserts will help align the bones while these muscles and tendons are being retrained.

            WEEK 13 & BEYOND

            • After 9 months of continuous wear, the muscles and tendons should be strong enough for some exercises without them for short periods of time, such as wearing flip flops or sandals in the summer or light barefoot activities.
            • If everything is ok, then you may gradually increase the amount of activities without your inserts, however, for continuous foot, knee and back health, it is recommended to continue to wear them in all footwear.