There's no functional difference between the colors. We offer a variety of colors so you can choose your own style.

Either way, this is your preference. We mostly see them on top of the factory insole, but some people do prefer the factory insole on top of the inserts.

You can also remove the factory insole altogether and wear them in your boots or shoes that way.

Our inserts are compatible with most factory insoles.

They are not compatible with aftermarket arch support insoles as their shape and ours will conflict with one another.

As long as your feet don't measure 4E or more, you are good to go with Foot Medic inserts.

Practically none. We mill our heels to 1/32” (0.79mm) so your biomechanics are unaffected.

Nope! If you've ever had custom orthotics then this material may be familiar to you.

Softness and comfort should come naturally from feet that work correctly (fat pads in alignment, healthy fascia, strong muscles). So all we do is help get you back to that natural healthy state!

Some people do, however we always recommend following THIS GUIDE and listening to your body!

Forever. Foot Medic Insoles come with a lifetime guarantee against breaking, deforming, change or loss of the original support.

Contact us to initiate a free warranty replacement.