Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wear

Our orthotic insoles can be placed directly on top of the factory soft insole inside of nearly any closed-toe shoe or boot.

In rare cases, removing the factory insole may be necessary to prevent the shoe from being too tight on your foot.

Our orthotics are flattened on the bottom to eliminate heel lift.

We do not recommend placing them over aftermarket soft insoles with arch support such as the brand name products you find in stores. These are only compatible with the insoles that came in your shoes.


1. Place them on top or underneath the factory foam insole in your shoes, whichever your prefer.

2. Wear them intermittently while your feet adjust to the contour and support—the goal is to ramp up slowly to where they feel good in your shoes full time.

3. Listen to you body—if they ever become uncomfortable take them out and take a break. You'll know if you they're not right for you and you can return them anytime within 30 days. If an edge rubs your foot add a piece of moleskin over that edge area.


Our orthotic insoles come in seven sizes to accommodate US shoe sizes ranging from Women's 5.5 to Men's 13.5. Not designed for feet wider than 4E.

Return Policy

We offer a 30-day 'no questions asked' return and exchange period for sizing issues or if you feel it's just not for you. Click here for complete policy details.

All Foot Medic Orthotic Insoles are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

You can initiate a return within this period or exchange sizes quickly and easily from your order history in your account.

Made in the USA

All Foot Medic insoles are proudly manufactured in Kokomo, Indiana at our production partner facility Moonlight Mold & Machine.

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Our Story

Ricky Wyatt, a Navy veteran, multi-marathoner, and Certified Pedorthist founded our company based on his experience at his family's shoe repair shop, 'Wyatt & Dad Shoe Repair'. This shop didn't just repair shoes, but also modified footwear to meet the medical needs of clients referred by local orthopedics. 

To better serve his customers, Ricky earned his Pedorthist certification and started making custom orthotics. However, he realized most people had common foot problems that could be resolved with readily available products. Dissatisfied with existing products, he designed our first insert, 'Foot Control and Support Systems' (FCSS), which has been refined over time based on research and feedback.

20 years later, his son Nick Wyatt and friend Drew Everett, both military veterans, took over and expanded the business online. They renamed FCSS to 'Foot Medic' in 2019, a name reflecting the product's purpose to treat foot injuries, just like a medic treats injuries on the battlefield. 

Foot Medic inserts are proudly made in America at our partner facility, Moonlight Mold & Machine, located in Kokomo, Indiana.

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