Foot Medic vs Soft Insoles

Better Support

Foot Medic insoles offer superior support compared to OTC soft insoles, thanks to our unique triple arch support technology. Experience a new level of comfort, as our insoles consistently distribute weight, reducing pressure on the feet.

Better Control

Our insoles are designed with an integrated deep heel cup, providing better control and alignment compared to typical soft insoles. Opt for Foot Medic and gain increased stability and balance in every step, improving your overall gait and posture.

No Trimming

Forget about inconvenient trimming. Foot Medic insoles are ready to use, designed to fit perfectly in your footwear. Save time and hassle with our precise fit, making your transition to improved foot comfort seamless

Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike soft OTC insoles, Foot Medic provides a lifetime replacement warranty, ensuring ongoing foot support. Our commitment to your foot health is unmatched, offering you a lasting solution that soft insoles simply can't compete with.

Made in America

Proudly made in Kokomo, Indiana, Foot Medic insoles exemplify high-quality production standards and local craftsmanship. Choose Foot Medic for American-made quality assurance and contribute to a legacy of excellent domestic products.